Our glass balustrades and glass floors. Elegant, stylish, bespoke.

Maximise your light and space, inside and out, with our bespoke glass balustrades and glass floors.

Let the light in.

Our glass balustrades can be frameless or have rails to create an elegant, more attractive alternative to fencing. Perfect for staircases, terraces, balconies, decking or swimming pools, we can tailor them to your requirements.

Let the light in or show off a view with our contemporary glass floors, which provide a sophisticated and stylish addition to your home.

Key features


Glass floors can have a number of special features including coloured or tinted glass, framing and illuminated. We can install any system suited to your needs.

  • Stylish: provides a unique, modern and contemporary look.
  • Maximise light: a perfect alternative to fencing.
  • Bespoke: tailored to fit your requirements.