Our automatic sliding glass doors. Versatile and contemporary.

Let the light in with the perfect interior sliding doors.

DORMA sliding glass doors. Automatic, quiet and unobtrusive.

Create the perfect partition in your home without blocking out any light with our automatic sliding glass doors. DORMA automatic sliding glass doors are extremely versatile and provide a timeless and elegant finish to any home.

Functioning via a motion detector, manually or push-button, we are confident that the DORMA Magneo CS 80 will give you the wow factor.

Key features

Adjustable opening and closing speeds, almost silent operation and low energy are just a few of the many benefits.

Watch the video below to see the DORMA Magneo CS80 sliding glass door in action.

  • Variable hold open times: including adjustable opening and closing speeds.
  • ‘Soft motion’ safety: automatically reversing the doors if they make contact with an obstruction during the opening cycle.
  • Extremely versatile: can be used as an interior door, access door to a walk-in cupboard or home office/study.

DORMA Magneo CS 80 sliding glass door